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• It is the process of removal of impurities(dust, stones, fungicides,pesticides, colour, gum, amino acidsetc.)from the raw sugarcane juice, for the preparation of the sugar in refinery.
• Refinery carbonation has been used for over hundred years for the refining of raw sugar.There is the addition of calcium hydroxide in water to the raw melt solution in this process. In saturator, there is the bubbling of carbon dioxide takes place in the sugar solution. By the reaction of carbon dioxide and calcium hydroxide, impurities are both absorbed by the particles of calcium carbonate precipitated.
• PH control and filtration are important factor in the process of carbonation. PH control is important for the complete precipitation of the lime, if PH is not control, then there is destruction of sugar takes place,filtration is important because, in a pressure filtration stage CaCO3 precipitate
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• Sugar refining is a high temperature, caustic process requiring tight pH control in every stage. Because the process is so physically demanding, in the past pH measurement is typically made in cooled samples lines (introducing significant lag time) or via grab samples (even longer lag time). During carbonation the pH must be high enough to remove lime in the form of calcium carbonate (limestone). But if the pH become too high in the first carbonation, then the calcium will actually complex with the sucrose and negatively affect yield. So good quality pH sensors are used. Sugar mills should specify the coat resistant “J” Glass Electrode for all carbonation applications.
• The efficiency of carbonation strongly depends upon the pH value. The pH value is continuously measured during both carbonation steps. During the first step the pH value must kept between 10 and 11. To do so, carbon dioxide from the (from the lime kiln process) is introduce at

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