Reflection About Atneo

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Growing up, I have never thought critically about the state of our country and the politics involved in it; but that took a drastic turn when I entered college. I went to a private Catholic school that did not prioritize informing us on the politics of the Philippines and it made us politically unaware students. The teachers did not critically talk and inform us on the state of the nation or its politics for reasons that I did not understand as a student, even until now. Firstly, Our news reports would mostly contain reports about the weather, sports, or issues outside of the country and they weren’t done thoroughly either. Furthermore, Parents did not push for us to engage in talks about the country and the politics due to the violence. This is mostly because they thought we were too young to understand. Conversely, it could be because they wanted to shield us from the corruption and unpleasance present in the Philippine government. Upon entering the Ateneo, I noticed the activism of the students as well as the faculty. Teachers would urge the students to go to rallies that support the anti-extrajudicial killings; they also required students to go to talks about Martial Law and its victims. Projects such as a forum made by the Martial Law victims and Bakas ng Dahas were held on the 20th and the 22nd of September, respectively. The uncensored events…show more content…
Also, Fernando “Fredie” Mirasol Arceo, a former Ateneo student, was one of the first high school student activists who died under the Martial Law. During his education in Ateneo De Manila High school, he was made aware of the horrible state that the country was in during the Marcos’ era; because of this, he started joining rallies to stand for the rights of the nation. (Monitel,
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