Reflection About Bullying

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Introduction As teachers, we need to be life-long learners. One way to do that is through research. It is important for us, as teachers, to search for solutions to the problems we face in our classrooms. One of the most serious problems in almost every classroom is bullying. Bullying is the act of frighten, hurt, or threaten a smaller or weaker person: Cause (someone) to do something by making threats or insults or by using force. Moreover, bullying is not limited to students’ actions against each others, it can happen from the teacher’s actions toward his/her students. When an incident of bullying happen inside a classroom, it can lead to many serious problems. For instance, an incident of bullying can lead to students’ lose of confidence in themselves. Also, an incident of bullying can cause a distraction in classroom, which will result in students being off-task, teacher confusion, and even the inability to reach the lesson objectives. What made me focus on this crucial issue, is because of two experiences that I had in my life. The first experience is when I was in intermediate level, one of my classmates used to bully me on the math class. The teacher used to see and ignoring what happening. I Always tried to show that I was bullied, but he never payed any attention for me, and for that reason, I started to hate math. Another experience is when I was in TP 2 and 3, Teachers also used to ignore bullying issues and they rarely address it. And when they address any
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