Reflection About Catholic Social Teaching

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According to U.S. Catholic Bishops, the Catholic Social Teaching is an eye-opener for the real essence of the Church’s teachings. It is composed of seven themes which become the enlightenment for all the Catholics to strengthen their faith in accordance with the Church’s Gospel. In the light of our CLCE class discussions, the Catholic Social Teaching has been a foundation in order to raise awareness about the realities of a human as a precious being, a social being, a companion and others. These included movement of learning human life’s essence to building different social institutions. As the different days of reflection passed, I can really tell that these teachings have molded me to become a better creation of God for myself, family and other…show more content…
First, I have realized that if education has been the most important gift our parents have given us, it is also true with God’s gift called life. Life is the most precious gift God has offered to us. The every breath we take in every day has been a sign of God’s love for us since He wants us to experience life. Thus, people must do all ways in order to preserve it. It is not also in accordance to God that people take away the life of the other. Personally, through this lesson, I have become more grateful to the life God has given me and every time I talk to Him, I thank God for another day to experience life. Without this precious gift, I would not be able to see what life has to offer me; this includes my family and friends. Furthermore, I am now capable of sharing this life to other people by building a stronger relationship with them. I am also reminded that we still differ in some circumstances since people may experience life difficulties. However, those differences become the foundation for me to realize that what we all have in common is our lives from

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