Reflection About Child Abuse

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Tajiere Hutchinson
Professor. Monagasn
Reflection Paper

It is known that young kids are more likely to get serious injuries more often than adults because their young bodies are still developing. A child that is getting physically abused or neglected will have some serious injuries show on their bodies. But sometimes they will not have any marks on them so I feel like it is important for people to know the physical effects of child abuse or neglect. The three most common consequences of physical abuse are burns, swelling, bruises or welts, and poor hygiene. Burns are one of the most common consequences for physical abuse.
If they are left untreated, some serious burns can cause infections and sometimes even death. Young boys and
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With that being said, the three most common non-physical consequences for child abuse is anxiety, depression, and dissociation. When a child gets older and they survive the abuse, it is very common for the now grown-ups to have strong anxiety because they feel like they are in trouble, as a result they cannot cope with their everyday lives. Child abuse causes anxiety because of the abandonment, and humiliating that the child has to go through. No child should be told that they are worthless or feel like they are alone in their lives. In a lot of cases of severe depression in adults, they had experienced some type of abuse. It could have been physical, emotional, sexual, or a combination of all three. It was discovered that experiences like child abuse and neglect can change the structure of that person’s brain. The way that depression works is that the brain becomes more sensitive to those who are abused and it makes them over react to regular situations because of they had been through. Abuse and depression are problems that are called legacy issues. They run in families, passed down from each generation to the next. It was later found out that Dissociative Disorder which used to be called Multiple Personality Disorder was caused by extreme physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. In my opinion acts that were not meant to cause but still did should be

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