Reflection About Christmas Food

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Traditional Christmas Food Only In the Philippines (Lechon Baboy)
Dela isla, Darwin L. BPE-SPEII, CE20
Prof. Sircio C. Chan, Capitol University
March 8, 2017

In all cultures there will always be a roasted pig, except of course with our Islamic brothers. Somewhere in the world there will always be a pig roasting, but never will it be as popular like it is here in the Philippines. Falling in love with this dish is very easy. Its crisp, light skin and soft, juicy and delicious meat is hard to ignore when set on the table. Lechon or Lechon is almost always present in all feastings and celebrations all over the country specially holiday season, like Christmas and New Years. People are looking forward for the next time they will be able to taste.
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Reflection on the first point,
Growing up on a family of 6 and born as the youngest, I usually am the most excited one when Christmas season draws near. I used to be the one to put up the star on top of the Christmas tree. am the most eccentric one when it comes to opening gifts. My siblings and I used to make our own versions of Christmas lanterns. These are but a few things we do during Christmas when I was young.
Lechon or whole suckling pig is very popular in the Philippines especially during special occasions or celebration like Christmas. In fact, lechon is not just a popular food during the holiday season but a Christmas tradition.
Reflection on the second point, Every year, Christmas isn 't complete without my mom 's sweet treats and my family 's love for food. Some of our relatives visit us on Christmas as it is so timely for little gatherings and reunions. All together with our relatives from a far, we enjoy Christmas eve with our common favorite-
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Objection to the first point, Why Lechon is always in the table when they have special occasions? Fiesta, wedding, and all celebration, especially in Christmas time. And Why Filipinos favorite this kind of food, and that was very entertaining, because of a have a lot of food to eat, they will also find the special, known as Lechon.
Lechon has always been part of every occasion. May it be on any festivities being celebrated or even a simple meal on the table just because. It is the most celebrated Filipino dish of all times. In line with this, not everyone is a fan of roasted pig. It is in dire need that we need to respect other people of other religion who don’t consume any pork dishes. Respect after all is one way of achieving peace in every occasion.
Objection to the second point, Why is it in Christmas time, preparing for foods are very excited? And it feels like very special occasion to prepare. And some relatives travel from a far away to celebrate their

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