Reflection About Citizenship

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When we talk about our citizenship, we are essentially talking about how we identify ourselves or what we identify with. Our citizenship shapes who we are; showing what is important to us, displaying what we value, and how we live our lives. As Christians who believe in Jesus Christ, we are "citizens" of God 's Kingdom-the Kingdom of heaven. By being a Christian, this should transform how we live our lives as believers in this world. Once we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we are no longer the followers of Jesus, making us citizens of His Kingdom. By making the commitment and having a close relationship with Jesus, He has welcomed us into his "royal family" eternally. As a Christian, I realize who I am and that I was placed in this world because of Jesus and what He has done for me. There is something within all of us that desires to be a part of something more than what we can accomplish on our own. As a citizen of God, we form a distinct community that is different from others in this world. As Christians, we may appear like aliens to nonbelievers-believing, thinking, and acting much different from them. I believe that we serve as proof to nonbelievers/outsiders that Jesus was not a liar or just made up; He is the true King of His Kingdom. As believers, we should embrace being unique because God made each of us unique in His image, instilling great gifts in each of us for a reason. Our goal, as believers, is to unify the foundations of our faith and the core
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