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The reading this week about the changes made in Curitiba, Brazil, and listening to former Mayor and Architect, Jaime Lerner, proves the well-known saying that “where there’s a will, there’s a way”. Over thirty years, Curitiba’s policy makers pulled together a lot of theory and from it, produced a working reality in conjunction with the people. I have a different attitude; it really can be done, even in my city. Developing nations seem to have ready access to the “lack-of-finances” crutch when it comes to putting things right, or the “there are more pressing issues” excuse, but what is more pressing than being able to live a good quality life? The climate change issue and its attendant problems are really not beyond us, I believe if every city…show more content…
According to Jaime Lerner, “ Cities can be part of the solution for climate change through an equation of “co-responsibility.” City of Dreams, (2006). At Curitiba, the population was growing and so were the number of cars, however, in putting people first and trying to solve the problem of congestion, they also addressed air pollution over time. This is the thinking that shapes my attitudes today; I am convinced that even as we attempt to meet human needs sustainably, the planet’s problems will also be alleviated, and vice versa. Any measures to make my city more environmentally sustainable, will be simple, it will not be imported, but will be developed based on where we are presently. The benefits to having a plan is that, as funds become available, projects will be embarked upon until the vision for the city materializes. I would address it from the following three-pronged people approach because of the multiple benefits that can be derived, for both people and the…show more content…
Provide a robust and efficient waste disposal and recycling system – Contamination of the soil, ecosystems, the food chain and water supply is reduced. “...soil and groundwater contamination are not the only direct adverse effects of improper waste management activities - recent studies have also shown that greenhouse gas emissions from the wastes are significant, exacerbating global climate change.” Doršner, (2015). Once landfills are filled and covered properly, they become safer and the land can be re-used e.g. for some sports. Hopefully, there will also be fewer incidences of chronic illnesses due to exposure to harmful waste. Open burning of waste will no longer be necessary, further reducing toxins released into the atmosphere. A dedicated recycling program will be developed to teach all ages, the ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ concept, and an effective system put in place to collect and dispose of the various waste

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