Reflection About Communication With Children

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My goal of today is to be as comfortable as possible asking questions to the parents of the first camper I am assigned to. I hope to have good communication with the parents and their child. During the time that I am asking questions I hope I am able to remember everything that they have for tips and tricks because I know they are the experts in taking care of their kids. Also I have the personal girl to get to camp and have fun.
Thankfully, I was able to achieve my goal. I was able to learn from the parents how to use the wheelchair, how to toilet him and what schedule to follow, and all the tricks of how to care for DR. This allowed me to get through his cares with ease and gave me ability to develop a relationship with the child much faster because he was able to see how his parents trusted me with him prior to them leaving for home. What affected me most today was learning how to take care of a mostly non-verbal child. I was quite nervous when reading the file on this child because I had no idea how I would ask him questions or know what he needed. I thought communication would have been impossible. But, by being able to see him interact with his parents before they left I was able to learn different signs and how the parents could get him to communicate which made it much easier for me to learn how to communicate. I was able to learn that the gestures, noises, and non-verbal’s that people use speak louder than words. Today I was able to work as a nurse in the way

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