Personal Narrative: I Live Each Day With Courage

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“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself,’ I lived through this horror, I can take the next thing that comes along’- (Eleanor Roosevelt). Courage is a character trait everyone has deep inside of them whether they show it or not. Courage is being brave enough to do a certain task even if you are scared to do that said task. We gain courage by taking a step out of our bubble and experiencing new things that can lead us to learning new things about ourselves also. A man by the name of James P Owen wrote a list of mottos to live by, and named them the cowboy ethics. One of those ethics is to Live Each Day with Courage. This motto caught my attention because I got the chance to live by this motto without realizing it because I was only a child. When I was nine years old, I was diagnosed with Fanconis Anemia and was hospitalized for a year. I was forced to fight for my life…show more content…
The cowboy ethics written by James P Owen give people an opportunity for a checklist to make a change in their lives. Living each day with courage, in my opinion, is the definition of strength. Courage is something that is within all of us and we cannot do anything to get rid of it. Recently, it has been tough to live with courage because we as humans are pushed to the brink of conformity every day. It takes strength to avoid conformity, or being like everyone else, in order to be the best person you can possibly be. Live each day with courage and fight for things that are important to you, don’t let conformity, or fear take over your life. Courage is a special ideology that only few can comprehend, but most should take the chance to understand how important living each day with courage can be to make the greatest version of

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