Reflection About Cronus

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Ever wondered where time itself came from, and who controlled it? People have found reasons for time and age. The Greeks needed reasons for all occurrences of life and nature. They came up with gods, which they used to explain everything found in the world around them. Cronus is the god of time and age. He is considered the god of gods and was an important figure in Greek culture. He was worshipped and depicted in many different stories and forms. Cronus is the god of time and age. He was a Titan, and took the throne from his father and became the king of the Titans. According to (Littleton, C. Scott. "Cronus." World Book Student, World Book, 2017, Id=ar141350. Accessed 17 May 2017) “Unlike most gods, he did not represent a place, event, function, or quality. Cronus belonged to the race of gods known as Titans”. This quote shows what Cronus was. Since he wasn’t categorized as a regular god. The Titans were the first gods to rule over the world. The were the ones that birthed the Olympic gods. Cronus represented time itself, he held life and death in his hands. He is a very old god, created at the beginning of time. He is immortal and can not be killed. Cronus was considered fearless and courageous in a sense. He was the only one out of all of his siblings to step up and defeat his father. His symbol is the scythe with which he castrated his father. Another one of his symbols was the hourglass, because he represented time. He
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