Reflection About Cultural Experience

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My partner and I met last Thursday at the International Partnership kickoff. Over eating pizza and discussing in the lounge, while I expressed my cultural knowledge in the United States and China to my partner, Naeem Mohammad, not only I found that my partner has grown accustomed to his new surroundings, our conversations have helped me become more insightful with several connections to my living experience in China, especially during our conversations about ping pong and healthcare. My partner, Naeem Mohammad, had adjusted well to his life in the United States. Though he adapted to American culture such as wearing western clothing and eating pizza, he kept his cultural identity from Saudi Arabia, such as his love for watching and playing soccer. His adjustments related to my experience in my 2 years in China; I eventually grew accustomed to the language and culture, listening to popular Chinese music and watching Three Kingdoms. As a student who lived in two countries, I believe that one cannot truly immerse in another’s culture without having living there firsthand. I can read about China online and marvel at images of it, but having to go and experience what the life is like is a different story, since we all share different cultural identities. Although it will not be easy, I will attempt to learn more of my partner’s culture along with sharing my experiences during our next meeting to really immerse ourselves on what each other’s culture is like. Mohammad’s English

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