Reflection About Culture

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One of the most important things that I learned in the class so far has to do with culture. More specifically I had no idea how to define it properly until now. Culture is so much more than I first thought, it has to do with religion, language, history, nationality, customs, food, clothes, and so much more. I realize that this is not an exhaustive list but it shows some of the things that culture is. One definition on culture will not suffice, there are many ways that it can be described and everyone has something to add. One of the ways that I learned to understand its meaning is through the article What is Culture? by Helen Spencer-Oatey. The author decided to show multiple viewpoints of culture though quotes rather than give one specific definition. This gave the word more meaning than if it was defined like a dictionary entry. Since culture is different based on the person you ask it was great to see a collection of perspectives. Even though culture should not be bound to one sentence, it does make it easier to explain. Culture is learned behavior that is specific to a group of people but is subject to change overtime. To take it one step further, culture differs from personality in that it is not specific to an individual, and differs from human nature in that culture is not universal and inherited. Culture is significant because it forms our identity and allows us to connect with others similar to us. People can grow up together with the exact same surroundings but

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