Informative Essay: What Is Depression?

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Depression is a topic that it’s not mentioned very often, as someone could feel embarrassed or afraid of other people’s comments about them. Depression is a very special topic to me, it is hard for me to even type it out like this, but I do it because it could help me and I want to spread the awareness of dealing with depression. Have you ever felt like you are the only one in this world? Have you ever felt like everything is falling apart because of you? Have you ever beat yourselves up because you are not doing as good as others are? And one more question, what is depression?

Depression is not only the state of being sad, it is a disease that conquers your ability to feel emotion, whether it’s good or bad. Depression is a common mental disorder,
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Moving from country to country is hard, but it is even harder when I had to move from school to school. I lost contact with my friends and that was the start of my depression. My grades start to go down, pushing my friends and family away. At that period of time, I didn’t think that it was depression. Not being able to focus on anything and everything my parents nag at me, went in and out. Nobody asked what was wrong because everyday I went to school and put on a smile, not letting others know and I thought it was embarrassing for me because my grades weren’t good and I was comparing myself to others. I am someone who doesn’t tell others about my problems, I didn’t want to bother them or anything at…show more content…
Tears wouldn’t stop flowing down my face, I saw a pen knife on the shelf and slit my wrist. Next few days I walked into the school as if nothing happen, I hide my scars under my jumper until the day I took my Mandarin exam. I finished my paper early so I checked my papers over and over again and pulled my sleeves up a bit, without realizing one of my teacher who was in there saw my scars and told my key stage manager. Right before I step into my car, my key stage manager stopped me, took my arm and pulled the sleeves up. I got home and sat alone in my room just staring into the walls, got up and decided I needed

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