Reflection About Destiny

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Destiny On the morning of October 15th, 2012, I was eagerly looking forward to spending the day with my friend Natasha, visiting Barbados on a Carnival cruise. That day, I had a near-death experience and was in no condition to meet her. On the night of March 9th, 2013, less than 5 months later, Natasha was in bed and asleep, when she was awakened by her neighbour Jenny, banging on the window pane and begging her to go to a party. “Pleeeeease!” she said, “Let’s go! it’s gonna be a really nice party.” Reluctantly, Natasha dragged herself out of bed, put on the clothes she wore earlier, picked up two more friends, and off they went. On their way back, around 3 a.m., Natasha’s jeep was violently struck by a drunk driver, who ran the red light at 110 mph. Toastmasters and guests, Jenny and the other two passengers were seriously injured, but miraculously survived. Natasha died instantly, from a broken neck. I was devastated when her father informed me about the tragic death, of his only child. The last time we met, Natasha and I had a lively conversation about life-altering paths, not knowing we’d never see each other again. Her sudden death, made me wonder about destiny. Was she supposed to die like that? Could she have cheated death if only she’d said “no” and gone back to sleep? If Jenny hadn’t enticed her, would she still be alive today, or was it her destiny, her fate, her time to die? What is destiny? defines destiny as, and I quote, “events
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