Essay On Better Education

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It is a belief that education is the key to a better life. Education was implemented on us since kids; if you don’t go to school you won’t have a good job. If you don’t go to school you won’t earn the right amount of money to get by. Why is this? As I starting researching the educational system I realized that we have it all wrong but no one has developed a great movement to really change our educational system. So what now? There has been some people who are putting the word out there and I have found it very appealing and right on point in what I would like to change in the education system. One of the first things that strikes me is that having the resources at a school doesn’t necessarily mean better education. According to Ludger Woessmann in his article “Why students in some countries do better” he states that increased resources does not generally raise educational performance. Why is that? If we put our money and provide books, computers and writing materials why doesn’t that help the students? I think it’s because it’s taking away from what really matters which…show more content…
In the article by Carol Dweck “Brainology” she suggest that how kids are praised early on can make all the difference so praising them for their effort instead of intelligence is better. I never gave much thought on how that can affect someone one. In their performance and even more than that their life, how they will perceive it. I think that that’s where it all begins with what a child wants to do in life, what they feel they are good at and what they think they’ll accomplish later in life. If we were all praised on our effort all our lives how different would it be. I think that a lot more of us would be putting more effort into what we are doing and go after anything that we want like changing the educational system. That’s a pretty big challenge but I think it can be done with great amounts of
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