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Education is the key foundation of our society. Although it has the reputation for evolving less rapidly than almost any other industry, education sector is constantly looking at ways to improve our schools, school system and the learning process of children. From the traditional3 R’s subjects, books and blackboards, we are now gearing towards a progressivist view and approach to education. The education sector to further advance the quality of education had acquired some of the new trends in education. First is the skill based learning, students learn better through hands on experience. Practical learning is one outside the classroom. The learning comes when children volunteer to make a difference and taking away a meaningful experience through it. Effectively and successfully walking away from the process with tangible and transferable skills that can help them in their academic studies but also in their social and professional instruction. One good example is the NSTP of La Salle Taft College of Business, they do an immersion on one of the assigned community chosen by the school, ask what they need, plan and strategized how to address those needs and implement the plan. After that, they evaluate the outcome, if they have gained learning and skills through the experience and the benefits it gave to the community. Second is the Age Inappropriate Learning (AIL). Curriculum has always been designed to be very age specific but in here, kids are provided with information that

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