Personal Narrative: My Experience With Fear

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Fear: A simple word, the mere sight of which, gives some of us goose bumps. We have all dealt with fear in our lives at some point. Whether we’re afraid of heights, speed, accidents or someone doing us harm, this is a feeling that has a big impact on our behavior, physical and mental health, thus it must be taken serious. Because of such negative emotions, we often sabotage ourselves, turn down opportunities, never experience certain things and in some cases develop disorders and illnesses. Most of the time it is up to us to change for the better but we lack the courage to actually try and face our fears.
To start with, I believe one does not simply overcome a given fear. For me this is not something that you could put behind you and never look back. It’s rather a thing you have to learn to live with and regardless of. I am an odd person. You won’t find the common things that send chills to the majority of people, affect me in such way. Cockroaches, spiders, the dark, heights, weapons and etc. don’t make my heartbeat accelerate compared to moths, bikes, clowns as well as the thing I’m going to
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I started talking about these problems with the people I felt the closest. In that moment I found out who’s really there for me. It was a horrifying experience for me to open up and discuss the issues, additionally only then I became aware of the reality. Furthermore, being alone never sounded so appealing to me. From that day on, I didn’t let the fear of loneliness or bullying make me tolerate bad behavior. I distant myself from the toxic people in my life, I learned to stand up for myself when needed. I ended communication with so many individuals, leaving the few that really matter. Although, I still dislike confrontation I am not letting my fear get in the way and I defend myself. However, given the fact what I went through, violent force is never the option for me, instead I use the power of words, irony and the ignorance of the person in front of
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