My Passion For Jesus

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The sins of these Filipinas have darkened their hearts and minds, unable to see God and His truth that they continue to disobey God. Therefore as their Pastor, who works hard to promote their spiritual well being, my passion is to bring them one with God and His truth in Jesus that can powerfully change their hearts to come to God in sincere repentance, humility and true surrender to the Lordship of God, to have a strong faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and to completely depend on the guidance of the Holy Spirit that can lead them to a life of love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,… empowered to live their life in righteousness, unity and harmony with the world and people of God.
"So I say to you: Ask and it will be
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My surrendered life to Jesus is a good testimony to encourage these Filipinas to continue with God. To begin with, I received Jesus in my life in 1979. Since then, I became faithful in going to church. I joined the church Bible study and prayer meeting, church outreach program, church choir, Sunday school and etc. In 1995, I suddenly felt very empty and unhappy with my life despite my heavy involvement in the work of God. I then knelt to God in tears and in prayer and I asked Him to tell me what was going on with me. I had a successful career as a dentist, supportive family and good friends, but everything was without meaning to me. In silence, I came to think about myself and evaluated my life. God made me see and understood that He was not pleased with what I was doing for Him. He told me that I was doing all those things to please Him out of guilt and not in faith and obedience to His will, which God counts as righteousness. (Romans 4:22) I trembled in fear that I knelt down before Him in honest repentance and surrendered my life and everything to Him. Now, I live in faith and obedience to His will. I do not do anything without first inquiring God in prayer of what He wants me to do and I just submit to the empowering of the Holy Spirit to fulfill God’s plans and purposes in the world through me. I would like the church to understand, based on my experienced, that I have not been changed into a new person…show more content…
So, since most Filipinas that come to the church are former entertainers here in Japan, I would like to know what do they think about of their past job and how will they answers the following questions,: 1) Have you ever considered your work in clubs or bars in the past sinful? and 2) Have you recognized that the money you have provided for your family an unclean money? Ms. Len, a former dancer in the club at the age of 16, told me the she knew from the very beginning that her job was wrong, but she could not quit the job, because it was the only source of income she had in order to support her Family in the Philippines. However, Ms. Len believed that God would somehow bless her because she was doing the job to respond to God’s command that says “Honor your parents”. On the other hand, for Ms. Susan, a singer at the age of 16, who also worked in many clubs and bars in Japan thinks that her past work was not wrong and the money she had provided for her family was hard earned money and therefore legitimately good. Both of them have given reasons that may be acceptable to a human level of understanding. Yet, before God, they both have committed such sin that they have to confess and repent about it (the end does not justify the means). Convicted,
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