Reflection About Football

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My father told me that “you’ll never be happy unless you try,” and this quote stuck with me since I was 12 and I’ve used it ever since. I use it when I played sports, worked out and in my education. I tried out for football, soccer, track and golf. Out of these four sports, I enjoy playing football because it lets me put my anger or frustration onto another person and although it may seem as a bad thing,I find that the other guy is also doing the same . Many people don 't last in football because they’re afraid to push themselves onto a level where they are uncomfortable. Some people may just think its a “game,” but I learn valuable life lessons from football. I’ve learned responsibility, leadership,and dedication. I’ve learned responsibility and dedication through waking up early to goto practice and always made sure to be there half an hour early incase of any emergency. It took a lot from me just to wake up every morning and be prepared to take on a new day, but it was worth the wild because I met new friends and found a hobby to put my time into.I learned leadership 2 years after I encountered football because I didn 't know I influenced people till I my eighth grade year during workouts. I saw youngins follow my technique so I influenced them to keep it up and after that I expected more for myself.

Since I was 12, i have been to the emergency room more times than I count, reasons ranging from broken bones to my struggle with asthma problems. When I was four years
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