Parenting In Hamlet

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Hamlet is one of the best and the most talked about in the story. He wants to make himself look as good as he can and will not want to do anything to make himself look bad either. I want to mostly talk about what hamlet did wrong and what he did right and what his mom and the king his step dad really think about him. So what did hamlet really do. Well he was one of the most known man in the kingdom and I think the most talked about. So times that can be a good thing and or a bad thing. So what really, did he do wrong and why did he not do anything right and that is what most of the people will notice a lot. But let me tell you they will really will see you doing good stuff too and if they. So for hamlet he can be one of the strangest people…show more content…
He just wanted to become the best of the best king he could be. But that wasn’t going to happen because of her stepfather that had murdered hamlet's father. For the Hammond play the relationship between parents and their children are extremely important to the plot of hamlet. Laertes and Ophelia and hamlet are the result of bad parenting. Hamlet is very stunned by the marriage of his mom mother and uncle Claudius which puts a great strain on the relationship also catching shows a lack of willingness to understand how much pain no matter what though Hamlet has no intention to harm his mother and only urge her to leave Claudius.
And for hamlet's mother named Gertrude that was married to Hamlet stepfather. She was so in love with hamlet's father. That she was at the burial site crying over his dead body. And then not too much later she ended up marrying the new king of Denmark. Never thought of her ex-husband again. You could say that she was not all that and just wanted to be married to the king of Denmark.
Hamlet and his mother had a really weird relationship with each other. You could just sense on how they had a weird relationship whenever they would talk to each other or how they would argue with one another it was just in a sexual way that mostly seems
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And when he shows up back up to the kingdom, he is really not happy to come back and look his stepfather in his face knowing that he wants him dead, so that his son would become the king of Denmark when he is dead. So for hamlet and Claudius you can see that their relationship is not the best at all. And that they are not going to be getting along anymore. For the reason that his stepfather had tried to have him killed by another kingdom. So that his son would become the king witch that is really mest up. I could end up seeing that if king Claudius does killing aver on that he wants dead that it would have all just changed.
I think what they did at the end of the story was pretty good how they had them killed or how they killed them self. I think that for the king to want his wife's son dead so that he would not become the king is one of the worst things in my mind. I think that it is just a lot of selfishness.
That just should not be how the king should be. And as you are reading a story you’ll get to the end of the play and you’ll end up finding out that hamlet and Claudius end up killing each other then neither one of them become the actual king of

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