Nationalism And Identity Essay

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Your identity can be molded by the way you live and the nation you believe in. Your identity comes from where you grow up and the people you are around, and that is what makes up a nation. A nation is a place where people have the same ideas and beliefs. Your identity may be molded by these ideas, your identity can also mold these ideas. This relationship is impacted both ways. In the first source by Ziauddin Sardar it tells us how everyone is labeled by where they live and how they act. That if we lose these things our identity will crack and we will no longer belong. It tells us that we were formed by the place we live and the people we live with. For the most part I agree with this, but I don’t think that if we change our identity cracks…show more content…
In the first source Ziauddin shows us that the nation you are raised in and the culture you know are the main parts of what makes up your identity. In his eyes nationalism has a huge impact on how an identity of a person is formed. Nationalism gives a person a label and if you abandon your nationalism your identity will crack and fall apart. To this person, nationalism is everything. However, on the other end of the spectrum there is source number three. This source shows us that identity has nothing to do with how you grew up and what you look like, it is all about how you choose to be. Michael believes that you as an individual being is more important that being part of a nation, and that every personality should shine through instead of just one nation being shown. Everyone should be allowed to go and do as thery with and should not be held down by the idea of nationalism, everyone is born with different ideas of what they want out of life and they should be able to live those things without being held down with the idea of a specific mold. The source that shows a little bit of both source one and source three is source two by Stefan. He believes that everyone is from somewhere and has a nation, but he thinks that we should be able to be and do as we wish without being held down. He says that people should not be generalized as one group, but they should be recognized
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