Analysis Of Integrity

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Integrity is an interesting topic. When I was reading it I envisioned integrity as the being true to who you are and being honest. But after reading it I realized that both those things are part of integrity but are not completely what integrity is. I was able to understand the parts of integrity through reading the two sections on integrity. I found through the first one that consistency and not changing who you are to impress someone is part of integrity. The story talked about a freshman in college and him rushing for a fraternity. In his story he told of how he was selected for the fraternity and on pledge night he was to drink a pint of whiskey. He did this even though he was told by upper class man that he did not have to do it. He instead decided to drink the pint and he ended up a drunk and living a double life by the end of his time in the fraternity. He was trying to be two people at once. He wanted to party and put God on the back burner and while he pushed God away at that point of his life he also was trying to still be the good Christian boy in front of his small group. He ended up being kicked out of his fraternity because of his drinking. By the end of that period in his life it looked like everything was crumbling for him. It then moves into a commencement speech in which the speaker speaks on integrity. He talks about not compromising on the irrefutable truths and not having behavior that is going to goes against the truths. It then goes into…show more content…
In this reading it talked about integrity and that means that one should be consistent. The author of this section uses Job as an example of a man of integrity. He tells us that Job is a man of integrity because he is consistent in his faith through all of the hardships that he faced. He did not once cave and turn his back on God or curse Him even when his friends told him to. In this section the author stresses that we should be striving to be perfect in
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