Reflection About Intercultural Communication

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I met a Taiwanese girl from an online game and this Chinese New Year holiday, she came to visit me. Her name is Nai Hsin Ning (Charlotte), she is 22 years old and live in Taipei. We had a little conflict during the holiday and it has influenced the relationship between us. She complained that she had to download Whatsapp to chat with me to maintain this relationship because in Taiwan they mainly use Line to communicate while in Hong Kong we usually use Whatsapp to communicate. Moreover, when I communicate with her, I mix up both Mandarin and some English vocabulary in one sentence. She thought that I showed off my English level deliberately. Last but not least, she thought that I always got angry because of my tone, intonation and speed of speech. She feels that I was agitation and sometimes feel that is hard to communicate with me. She is the only one that I knew is Taiwanese. And we have known each other for 2 year but we communicate with each other. So I aim that I can solve this relationship problem and can raise the awareness of communicating between two different culture. After taking this course, I found that are important intercultural communication’s concept that we missed out. Like communication is interpretive, culture is a set of shared interpretation like beliefs and values and we can deal with the problem by the D-I-Y framework and the BASIC skills. First, communication is interpretive. The first outcome of communication is understanding what the others want
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