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Interior Design Your Home Interior Is a Reflection of Your Personality Description: Let your home interior design be a reflection of your personality. Read this blog to know what the famous interior designers have to say about your home and personality. It is an accepted fact today that the way you dress, the way you speak, your food choices, your lifestyle choices and the home interior and environment you live in, reflects your social standing and personality. Hence everyone strives to achieve a luxury lifestyle that not only becomes your comfort zone but is an extension of your personality, however a special place that can be flaunted in front of family and friends. In today’s time, Interior design and styling has become intrinsic to the…show more content…
Most of the people now aim to transform their homes from just being comfortable living spaces into luxurious places. Newer and innovative furniture designs are now welcomed by several individuals to modify their space to add elegance and style into it. This elegance is the home is reflective the owner’s personality and panache. However, all most everyone needs the help of an interior designer to know what’s best for your home and how you can create an interior design that will be reflective of your personality. So, here are some very simple secrets some well-known interior designers to help you convert your home to reflect your personality and…show more content…
While most of the people are afraid to paint their home with a bright color, the famous interior designers on the other hand believe that a dollop of bright color in your room (it could be any form) can instantly light up your room, making it energetic and happy. 3. “The first rule about decorating is that you can break almost all the other rules.” — Billy Bladwin Most of interior designers don’t follow the rules. According to them rules are meant to be broken. You cannot bring your personality in your room until you are restricted by the conventional rules. So all of you need to go beyond what rules suggest and highlight your own style. 4. “I appreciate history but you have to bring your own experience into your rooms.” — Istvan Francer The best way to reflect your style in a room is by showcasing your personal possessions which are close to your heart. Your room should be a reflection of your personal histories. 5. “Real comfort, visual and physical is vital in every room.” — Mark Hampton Comfort is one thing that every pro interior designer would recommend. Whether your style is elegant, minimalist, sophisticated, simple or casual, but your room should be livable and utterly comfortable. A well-organized space is both functional and

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