The Importance Of The Quran In Islam

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The Quran is the holy text of the Islamic religion. In Islam, the Quran is believed to be the book of God’s words. The holy text remains sacred and unchanged since the beginning of time. The teachings of the Quran has been taught to all His followers. One of the major themes of the Quran is that there is only one God. The Quran is known to be one of the most powerful text in Islam. Islam is a monotheistic faith and people of the religion take great pride in believing in pure monotheism. In Islam, God is known to be the only one, merciful and eternal being.
In the Quran, the whole world was single-handedly created by God and only God. As followers of the Quran, Muslims must believe there is no one else besides God because God is the only one we worship sincerely, thus he is seen as the most powerful figure in the religion of Islam. There are several ways the theme of monotheism is mentioned in the Quran, such
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As it is stated in the Quran, “Certainly We sent Nuh to his people, so he said: O my people! serve Allah, you have no god other than Him…” (Quran, 7:59). No other being is allowed to be worshipped as all servitude is meant for God. As all faithful Muslims, they, “should serve Allah and not associate anything with Him…” (Quran 13:36). The Quran does not allow any other beings to receive worship. The Quran teaches one to only worship God only because he is the creator of the universe. Questions regarding worship arises when topics such as, “angels, unseen powers, sun and moon and some stars” come up and the Quran concludes that some people worship them as well as Allah. For other creatures, “Their worship arises from belief that those deities have lordship and control of the universe and they can guarantee the fulfillment of their needs effectively and directly. They perform worships, offerings and sacrifices to be noticed by them,” (al-Islam,

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