Reflection About Leadership

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Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it said General Dwight Eisenhower. For me it is the perfect definition of what is leadership. Because it shows how a leader can move collective behaviors by showing the way to the people. They will follow a leader because they trust him to make a positive change. A leader has the ability to influence his followers by inspiring them so they will outreach their potential to reach the goal the leader has set. During my life I encountered 2 great leaders : a directive football coach and a participative president of association. The first I encoutered was my football coach during 2 years, I was 18 years old, and we were in the first regional league. Our team has always been average. The coach was new in the club, so we didn’t knew him and he didn’t knew us, however he has a long experience in other clubs. We’ve quickly understood that he was very directive. Just after the summer camp he made some radical chances on the team, selectionning players that wasn’t used to and changing position of some others. As a new coach he didn’t know who was used to play in the first team during the previous years and who was not. Most of the others teamplayers tryed to convinced him to make changes but he didn’t want even some parents of the players who were put by side had tryed to convinced him but he still didn’t move. Before the first match, the coach explained to the team that if we were here

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