Reflection On My Life Expectancy

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My life expectancy according to the website is 93 years old. I was surprised that I would live this long, since some of my lifestyle choices are not the best. I learned several things from the quiz that I did not know about. First of all, I learned that managing stress can add three quarters of a year to my life expectancy. Regarding nutrition, I learned that the amount fast food I consume reducing my life expectancy by as much as four years. When it comes to my drinking habits I learned that cutting off caffeinated drinks can add half a year to my life expectancy. The quiz also talked about the importance of medical checkups. According to the quiz getting medical checkups can add at least 2 years to my life span. Another thing…show more content…
This quiz made me realized how little I know about aging. I learned several things that I did not know before. First of all I did not know that the average life expectancy for Americans is 76.9 years old. I always thought Americans lived longer with all the medical advances we have today. But, when I think about it this number seems to be accurate with all the diseases that Americans suffer from today. Another thing I learned was that social security was established at a time where people were only expected to live to be 63 years old. In today’s world that is around the time when people actually start receiving their social security. The fact that people are living longer affects the way social security is handled. The quiz also mentioned that people in Japan live longer, the average being 81 years old. Singapore comes in second with people living to be 80 years old. I would have thought that people in countries that have a large population would live less, but this is not always true. One thing that shocked me was that medical errors kill 44,000 people every year. According to the quiz this is greater than the number of people who die of things such as breast cancer or aids. This is an eye opener to how our health system is sometimes negligent toward the people they treat. When it comes to nutrition, I learned that blueberries have the highest fighting antioxidants which help fight diseases. Another thing that I was not aware of was that the most popular cosmetic procedure is liposuction. I always thought it would be breast augmentation since a lot of people are self-conscious. Although, it does make sense that liposuction would be the most popular since many Americans today do not live a healthy lifestyle leading them to becoming obese. Lastly, I learned that when Benjamin Franklin framed the constitution he was 80 years old. This is impressive, because Benjamin Franklin lived to be older than the average life

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