Reflection About Life

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Life is one of the most mysterious things in the world. And nobody can predict it. Maybe you were rich and famous in your thirties , but when you are over sixty, you might lose everything you have. Or you would be poor in your early ages but earn much money when you are old. I hardly think about this thing. Because I still think I am young and have a lot of time and things to do. What makes me think about life is a story I have read. It was named “ And we beheld his glory”—a father’s faith.which was in Child’ Story of the Bible. And I will tell you the story. Jesus stayed near Caesarea Philippi with his disciples for a week. And one evening, as they had come over the lower hills of Hermon, Jesus left the disciples to wait for him below, taking only Peter and the brothers James and John with him up the mount. They did not go to the very top but rested on one of the lower peaks. While Jesus went a little distance from them to pray, the three disciples, wrapped in their thick mantles, lay down to wait for him. In that high clear air they seemed very near heaven. The stars seemed almost as near as the lights in the villages below. They were tired, and watching their master in prayer, they fell asleep. While they slept they seemed to see a change in the face of Jesus as he prayed. And they also saw two men with him whom they seemed to know were Moses and Elias, who had gone to heaven centuries before. They also heard them talking with Jesus, and they spoke of the
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