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I’ve never been great with words, I could have this amazing idea but for some reason I could never get my point across in a meaningful way. My history with literacy goes a little something like this … growing up I didn’t have the best education to start off and this had a huge impact on me. I believe a reader and writer is truly shaped by their adolescent learnings and this was an area I really feel like I lacked, Although I never felt very good at reading or writing there were a select few novels and topics that I really enjoyed writing about. I always dreaded English class, not because I don’t like it or because I wasn’t interested in the book we were reading for class at that time. It had more to do with how low my confidence was with reading…show more content…
So how was I supposed to make people want to listen to me, I knew I had to make them feel what I felt when I was doing all my research. Thankfully I had such wonderful teachers to help me along the way offering me many techniques and strategies to pull my audience in. I wants was such an unconfident writer and speaker but at this moment in time I wanted to make a difference about something I was truly so passionate about. I wanted my words to resonate with those in my audience. Imagery in my writing along with my speech was key, I spoke about how the dairy cows were treated and also went into very vivid detail about the process that actually goes on behind closed doors of the dairy industry. Although not everyone that was in my audience could relate to why I initially went dairy free many of them after my speech had numerous questions and really seemed to care more to educate themselves on what they are putting in their body. At that time it was a huge turn around for me as a writer and a speaker because for once in my life I felt like I presented something and wrote something that was definitely worth…show more content…
I could explore my creativity and do the research that I was interested in doing. I feel like because of this I could form an articulate and intellectual paper and speech that people cared to hear. When doing the research for the project at the time I watched numerous videos about how the cows were treated along with all the torturous things they endured. Although I may have been crying 99.9% of the time I was researching were writing the paper at the time, I used that to correlate a powerful emotion to my audience. Imagery in my wording was greatly used I wanted people to be able to imagine the awful things that happened to these cows, I wanted them to feel sympathy and compassion for these creatures. In the end I achieved my goal. So, here’s why this all matters… Maybe for most people their turning point for their literacy narrative was when they were a child but mine didn’t come to me until much later. I was able to explore my writing and creativity in a way I never knew I could before and it was worth the wait. I think with literacy that even if you don’t consider yourself a great writer or even a great reader it’s not that you aren’t it’s just that you have to find what sparks your interest most. I feel like as a person you just have to explore things that truly matter to you and being a confident

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