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(-- removed HTML --) Love, Simon (-- removed HTML --) suffers from two main problems that probably won't stop it from being an important movie to the people for whom it's made. For those people, I speculate, it'll function as an effective movie about the struggles of being a closeted gay teenager. It'll offer hope and comfort and make them feel like they're not alone, even though that's very possible. All teenagers, at some point or another, feel that way—and it's even worse if you're not part of the majority in whatever aspect. Its ultimate thesis, that gay people should be treated the same as straight people, isn't wrong, and hearing it from a mainstream-ish movie is just going to affirm that in those who need to hear it most. In that respect, it's important.

The movie is about Simon ( (-- removed HTML --) Nick Robinson (-- removed HTML --) ), who begins the movie with narration about how he's just
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Once it's out—and you know it's getting out—if the film largely moved on from it and began to treat him as just another teenager, wouldn't that have been a more powerful message? I suppose we need closure with the whole email correspondence—which happens in a cliché, predictable manner—but outside of that? We only get it for one scene. It takes away some of the power of the message.

Outside of those two somewhat big issues? It's decent. The acting is good, there's just enough humor to give us an occasional chuckle, it's got a good heart—even if the execution might not be the best—and I do genuinely think it'll help some people who watch it. Representation matters, and if you see someone in a movie going through something you're dealing with, it can help you out. I wish (-- removed HTML --) Love, Simon (-- removed HTML --) were a great high school movie. It's just an okay one—a passable watch if it doesn't speak to
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