Reflection About Mathematics

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What is mathematics? To me, the world of mathematics is an essential building block on which much of what we do and understand as humans is built upon. Math is of course partially the ability to count to, multiply, and to solve equations in a classroom, but it is more than that. Having an understanding of math is what helps us set spaceships in orbit around the moon, make discoveries in the lab, and conduct new statistical studies. Math also is part of our daily lives to such as cooking, balancing a checkbook or writing a persuasive logical essay. Whether we realize it or not the mathematics and the ability to understand them is ingrained in nearly every part of our lives, and having a firm understanding of them is one of the best tools we can have. My journey with mathematics has been a relatively smooth travel. As I was homeschooled from preschool through high school my mom and I had a plethora of different curriculums and learning methods to choose from. I remember in my early elementary years we used a curriculum that a strongly disliked. It was hard dull and made learning math seem like a chore. Thankful by about fourth grade we found a program called Teaching Textbooks that made mathematics much more fun and engaging. After that, it was smooth sailing through the rest of my elementary school years. Math came fairly easily to me. It was not my favorite subject, but it was one that I felt the most confident in. When I reached high school, my relationship with math
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