Reflection About Memory

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Memory can be joyful, sad, confusing, and all other forms of emotions that can make a person just think about. When looking at a certain image, painting, or any form of display, the first thing a person would collect is his memory of how the person would feel about the work just by recollecting his or her memory. Memory is a way a person can keep in touch of his past and use the experience to create a person’s path or destiny. When using memory people can just express themselves just by their own encounter and how they remembered the scenario affected them emotionally. The one word that links with memory is emotion artists all over the world use their own memory and emotion to create such work and that is how memory is meant to many people,…show more content…
I was only 10 years old and knew nothing about my heritage. When I first arrived to Jordan, the first thing that I could remember was a mosque with an interesting dome that had VIBRANT colors on the dome and was located on the mountain top in a large green field overlooking the dead sea. That image stuck to my head and was one of the first memories I ever had when I moved there. Just seeing that image grew my curiosity and ambition to learn more about my heritage and my culture and slowly as the years pass by, I never felt more proud of where I was from. I love the Middle East and I believe that this memory was the right one to tell my story. When reviewing Antin, I felt the connection of how she wanted to portray her story using conceptual art and that is what made me conduct this work. I used a THREE-DIMENSIONAL GEOMETRIC SHAPE which is the star that explains my name. My name means the brightest star and I felt that the using the star was the way to go. The difference between my work and Antin’s is that I wished to conduct my work using colors that are vibrant and use a handmade envelope to draw my image of my memory.
Memory is a beautiful way to stay connected with your emotions as memory contains all sorts of emotions depending on what happened. The past is what helps create a person’s way of thinking and connect them to their emotions. This memory is truly a great piece of me, as Antin used the 100 boots to explain the story on the postcards; I used the envelope to convey my memory with a vibrant picture and a bright
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