How Moving Changed My Life

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To learn more about another person you must understand and be familiar with that person. To better understand me, you should know the things that have helped shape who I am today, the things I care about most in life, and what my biggest dreams are. To truly understand someone, one must learn what experiences or events helped them shape and develop into who they are today. If you want to find out what that is, you should ask the question “what is the most life-changing event or experience you 've ever had?” Well, my answer to that is the first timed I moved. When I was around one years old, my family of four relocated, and this move would change all of our lives. Had we not moved, I would be a completely different person. The experiences and incidents we have as babies and children are the most influential things to our growth and development. When my family first arrived to America, the first places we visited as a family was a park my mom visited often growing up. A photograph shows me and my sister in that park, me in a red stroller with her holding onto the handles. In the videos corresponding with the photo, my older sister was talking to my mom excitedly while I…show more content…
The move led me to experiences, events, and people. Without them, I would clearly not be the person I am today. It is because of this trip that my sisters and I are so proud and close to our heritage. Also, this move marked my first adventure of many -- a trip that would be repeated as our growing family moved and travelled. How do I define a “life-changing” event? I define it as the thing that changed one 's life the greatest. For me, it is that trip as it truly helped me become the person I now call "me." Had I gone on the trip later in life, or never, I really do not think that I would be the same person -- I simply wouldn 't be
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