Reflection About Moving To America

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I was taught in order to learn new vocabulary words will be given a packet of the used of vocab definition to filled in the blank for the word that best fits the sentence. Also, it comes with a song for us to listens at first trying to figure out what it's talking about then write will discuss at a whole group summarizing what the story meant or song meant. I was also giving vocab to each person in the group to present in front of the class what it mean by guessing the word. The struggles is when being able to read a book that interest to me and have to a summarize of the book in paragraph to show that we have read and understand the book. Having to find the who the character, conflict, conclusion of the reading, and why you would recommend…show more content…
I interviewed my grandma who I think will be interesting of telling the story of how she was a single mother raising her children all by herself. I remember her answer of saying she moved to the United States and what she learned from being a single mother her whole life. Her dreams is come to America to take her children for a better education and help them successes their lives and to live in the American dream. Moving from one country to another was difficult because my grandma was able to raise her child by raising animals and cutting crop to sell to other to have money to support her family. In addition, in sophomore year, another writing prompt would be an argument using claim to back our opinion of using the source to find evidence. The writing technique made me really interested in writing more because you’re backing up your claim like you were a detective of finding and understanding each side you pick is the best claim to your
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