Reflection About Moving To America

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My story starts when my parents decided to move from Poland to America to raise a child. For me this was not of much significance because I thought life overseas was the same is it was here. I did not understand why they would come to a country where they had to learn another language and start their lives over. As I got older I started to think about why people come here instead of staying in their native countries, it was not until I experienced it for myself that I knew how important my education was. Over the past summer, I had gone to visit the rest of my family in Poland, and spoke to a lot of them about education. They went on to tell me how the education they got did not matter because nobody had the money to go to college and had to take over family farms. However, most said that the opportunity that I have is great and I should appreciate it. And it really got me to think how I took…show more content…
That is one of my inspirations. She always told me that I need to study hard and get good grades, but I didn 't think much of it. After seeing her go through her journey and seeing all her hard work pay off in the end. I see that this is what I want for my life. If I do not get my education, I will not be able to do what I love. To conclude, I want to make my family proud. They came to this country to make my life easier and I took that for granted. Now that I see how much it matters I can change my path. It took me a long time to realize, some might even say it is a little late, but I believe I could strive to accomplish my college career successfully. I am on a path to work towards my goals, to grow up and show how thankful I am to my parents for opening up this road for a better future for me. For all the people in my family that wish they can be in my shoes, i will not let this go to waste anymore then i have
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