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My Ecomap Each system included in my ecomap is essential to who I am. They represent varying aspects of my life that have contributed to my overall well-being. First and most importantly, I included my familial system. Suggested by the green relationship lines, I am extremely devoted to each member of my family. We have always been close-knit and my parent’s representation of a positive relationship has set the standard for the connections we hold in our own lives. In my family, we tend to have an heir of ‘tough love,’ meaning respect is earned not given. Between my siblings and I, there are secure bonds. However, there tends to be conflict, although founded in love, between my siblings and my parents. In my hometown of Hudson, Ohio, my…show more content…
Specifically, my transition to attending Florida State University. Upon this reflection, I learned that many of the systems I value enough to include in my ecomap became stronger when I was not able to function within them as often. My relationships with my family and friends are secure because I must constantly work to maintain them regardless of distance. This, in turn, has affected my relationships with other systems. Because I am not consistently interacting with systems like my family and friends, I have looked to build relationships in other ways. For this reason, I am increasingly involved with my school and community- I have made these systems my home away from…show more content…
These diagrams not only detail the connections between family members or interactions with the outside world, they evaluate the quality of those influences. Allowing a client to reflect upon the networks they interact within is useful to identify problem areas within a client’s life. Once these weaknesses are identified, the social worker may empower the client to find new solutions to these

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