My Story Assignment Analysis

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I found the My Story assignment to be a fascinating one. I thought it was really interesting to get a closer look at how my fellow classmates defined themselves and what led them to their definition. The assignment allowed me to uncover another side of the people in the class that I didn’t know too well, but also it allowed me to see another perspective on my friends. The assignment is proof that even though people claim to know one another, they only know the information that they’re given, and that the information is usually only a fragment of the entire story. This idea of seeing an entire person’s story is what made the assignment so enjoyable, and even though I had a hard time coming up with my own narrative, it was still interesting to…show more content…
The most challenging parts for me, were trying to figure out what my story actually was, and how I was going to fit my entire narrative into a five minute presentation. I had never had an assignment like this before and going into it, I was unsure of how exactly I wanted to broach the subject. I found that the easiest way was to tackle the guiding questions, which were vague enough to allow for enough creative freedom in answering them. After I started to piece together the narrative of my life, the assignment became increasingly easier with the only real problem being the time limit. Summarizing the last twenty years of my life and ensuring that I adequately answered the questions on the assignment sheet was a little tricky, but once I figured it out the assignment became a lot easier and more…show more content…
I think it’s important to learn about other people and their narrative, because prior to this assignment I never knew how subjective my knowledge of people had been. This assignment highlights the fact that what we know about a person is typically surface level and that we should try to get past that level if we want to know someone’s entire story. Even though I found it hard to come up with my personal narrative going into this assignment, I later found that this assignment help to remind me that although we all have similarities, we also have differences and it’s those differences that make our story personal and unique. Which I think is valuable information that I’ll try to keep for the rest of my
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