Reflection About My Writing Process

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Looking back through my days of writing in high school there was a lot I did not understand about the writing process. My writing was much unstructured and overall very poor compared to what it is today after this class. I believe that I have always been a good writer I just have not had the tools and knowledge to create a well written and knowledgeable paper. This course has helped me to meet the learning outcomes of learning to conduct factual research, making original and unbiased papers, writing different genres of papers in a professional way, correctly implementing the academic writing process, learning proper grammar and mechanics, and implementing critical thinking skills into my drafts. Essay three was the essay that helped me to…show more content…
I did not understand in high school how to connect the thesis to the essay and how to make a counterargument. Although I has good ideas in essay one I did not have a thesis to outline and organize the paper and the counterargument was poorly worded and very biased. In my last essay the thesis connects and organizes the whole paper and the counterargument was structured and unbiased making what I believe to be a very well written paper. I did not know the MLA format for writing papers before this course. In my first rough drafts the formatting incorrect in a lot of different areas of the MLA format. The professor provided a resource online called Purdue Owl that helped me to understand and implement the format into my papers. Lastly my critical thinking skills while writing have increased tremendously. I had a lot of trouble starting essay four because I had trouble writing a paper over a picture and text. The professor went through many different elements that could be analyzed and brought me into a new state of thinking. Now I know how to read in between the lines and write about different elements of a subject. Also in essay three I had to critically think of solutions to my argument so I had to think of every possible way the issue I was discussing could be fixed and write about the ones I thought could work the
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