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The last few weeks I have been taking surveys to understand more about myself and where are my faults are so I can improve on to become a better leader and manager. The first surveys I am going to talk about are all the handouts that where passed out in class. Then I will talk about the surveys I took on the website. To begin with the first survey I am going to talk about is the Myer’s-Briggs survey. After taking the Myer’s-Briggs survey I scored in the ENFJ category. According to the survey ENFJs is a person that is responsive and responsible. It also said that ENFJs are “active in school affairs, but put time enough on their studies to do good work.” I feel this description describes me well because it is all true. The second survey that was handed out was the Type A/Type B personality. On this survey I was categorized as a Type A person and as a Type A person their personality is that they are very competitive and have time urgency. The third survey I took was the emotional intelligence survey 1 and this survey I scored on the right side of the bell curve. So being on the right side of the bell curve meant that I have a little bit of emotional intelligence knowledge but I could still improve and learn more. Then on the second emotional intelligence survey 2 I got a score of 55 which put me on average, which says I have little knowledge but there is still room to improve. The last handout survey that we had was the leadership styles and I found out that my

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