Reflection About Myth

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“A myth is a legend or a story with tradition that encompasses a culture and their beliefs and values. One purpose of myth is to give an explanation of something that cannot readily, or easily be explained.” This was my response in our first class discussion asking us to define myth and its uses. Many discussions and myths later, I have learned that myth is all around us and has many uses; my favorite being to teach a lesson. In the modern world we live in, everything children do has technology intertwined. Myths are no different. Myths used to be spread through spoken word. Now, movies are our modern-day myths. The movie Moana teaches a valuable lesson while still encompassing so many elements that appear in the myths we have learned about in this class. Moana is about a young girl who is from a family of royalty on an island. From the time she was a young girl the water has called to her, but she has to stay within the boundaries her father, the Chief, has set. When the island starts to die, with persuasion from her dying grandmother, she decides to leave the boundaries. She then ventures into unknown territory, to go on a quest to save her island and its people. At the beginning of this movie we see Moana’s “call to action”, the water interacts with her like it does nobody else. Under instruction from her parents she stays away from the water even though she is drawn to it. She eventually uncovers hidden ships and realizes her people used to sail the oceans. At this

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