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Since I have been always interested in science and technology, I read lots of books about these topics. In my free time, I do some easy experiments with light, chemicals,… However, until 10th grade, I never had the opportunity to contribute to medical research—something that I had always wanted to do. Then one day, my friend gave me a book called “Nanotechnology” which was written by Truong Van Tan- a Phd who works for Australia Department of Defense. Each chapter was about a different aspect of how nanotechnology had been applied in our lives. Among these, the fifth chapter: Nanomaterial for Medical application, attracted me most. It talked about the ability to make tiny machines that can detect cancer cells and release drugs in place, as same as the micro submarine in a famous science fiction film called “Fantastic Voyage”. I was so excited that I came up with an idea to synthesize the gold nanoparticles then bind them with the glucose molecules. The gold nanoparticles-glucose mixture would be injected into the patient 's veins, then use a special ray to mark the density of the mixture, quite similar when you take Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan. For sure, I contacted to the author of this book, who was also an expert on nanotechnology. A few days later, I received his answer: I am glad to read your science project. I can…show more content…
The fractal dimension is a measure of the complexity of a structure (a shape or a contour). In some sense, it is a measure of how complicated a structure is. All these studies emphasize the usefulness of fractal parameters in tumor pathology. Fractal geometry has been intensively used in mammography for the diagnosis of breast cancer. In particular, the application of fractal geometry showed interesting results. There are many reports on the use of this geometry in mammography

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