Narciso Narrative

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After spending a vast amount of time following Narciso in the blistering cold I became very ill, I had a burning fever and a critical pneumonia. During the time I rested in my bed I learned what had happen after I informed my parents about Narciso’s death, my father discovered the frozen body and demanded the Sherriff to arrest Tenorio but there was no evidence only my witness account. Meanwhile, Andrew came to stop by to chat with me; he seemed guilty for not listening to the threats. I knew that I would never reveal his secret; I would never say that I spot him inside Rosie’s house. When Christmas came I open my presents under the our small tree but the significance of Christmas was to see the Nativity scene at the church and attending…show more content…
Occasionally afterschool I would go to Church to pray and ask god to answer my questions. I wondered that maybe I would get response from God after I would make my communion. I and my gang began attending catechism lessons where Father Byrnes taught us the mysteries of God One day as I headed home I encounter Tenorio; he stated that he would find a way to avenge the death of his youngest daughter. I would hear the people of the town speak about the bomb that caused the winds to blow. For the first time ever my mother bought a new and fitted white suit for my Communion. I remember before giving my first confession I was obligated to be the priest and head the sins of my friends. Horse sin was very disturbing and cannot believe he spied the girl’s restroom. However, hearing Florence say that he had not committed a sin and that god was the one sinned against him was one hard moments for me because I didn’t know to do. I decided to forgive his sins but the group was not confirm with that and I was beat for not giving Florence a…show more content…
I want Florence to believe at least in one God but who knew that day we had agreed to tell him he would leave the earth. As I and Ciso went in search for Florence we noticed the boys waving impatiently and later heard that Florence had dived in the deep water. His body later floated up and wait foam came out his mouth; he had died without knowing the golden carp. After having nightmares Ultima suggested my parents to send me away with my uncle in El Puerto. During my stayed with my uncles I worked in the fields and orchards and the nightmares had faded away. I had forgotten about Tenorio all summer but it was until my uncle Pedro brought news that Tenorio’s second daughter had died. He decided that he would take me back and warn Ultima. As I walked to the house Tenorio tried to ran me over with his horse had a strong hatred. I became really concerned when he said that he had a way to hurt Ultima. He stated that the owl was her soul and that he would murder the owl. I managed to escape and became determine to run the ten miles of distance to warn Ultima. As I approached my home I spotted my uncle Pedro’s car in front of the house and asking my parents if he they had seen me. I shouted that I was here but Tenorio suddenly aimed his rifle towards me. The owl gave it life for my but before Tenorio could shoot me my uncle shot him. I picked the owl and brought it next to
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