Reflective Essay On Film Studies

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To begin my reflection of my of my journey as an English major here at the department I should first say that any work I completed in my freshman and sophomore year will not be included as I do not have access to them. I have chosen to use pieces that were written in my film studies course and Native American Studies. There are four pieces total that will be looked into three of the four will be pieces will be work from my two film studies courses Film Theory and Criticism and Japanese Film Directors, the remaining one piece as stated above will be from Native American Studies. Initially when signing up for the course in Film Theory and Criticism, I did not know what to expect as we all know how to watch a film, summarize it, and give an…show more content…
Learning to look deeper into a close up was interesting because there are some directors that use close ups the way a baby wants a binky and then there are the director that use close ups so sparingly that when they do use it you can’t help but to remember the scene and the details in the scene. The perspectives in a film are rarely thought of as important or notable, as most films have the viewers peeping into the lives of those on screen and not being a direct part of it the way we would have been had it been a shakespearean play. For the most part the films watched in this class did the same thing we watched the characters on screen but were never a part of their journey or development. The term pillow shot was unheard of to me prior to this course, I remember the first time I heard of I thought is it a literal pillow they are talking about and wondering what it would or could represent. A pillow shot is simply a transitional shot that is shot to move from one scene to the next and is typically a nature shot, shot of a build, or a shot of some small detail/common place
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