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Steje Marcellin Olessongo Professor: Rothman Bus 231 Writing assignment #3 Reflection Paper Presentation: Speaking skills During this semester I learned a lot in my business communication class. Presentation is one of the topic, we discussed in class during this semester. Throughout my years at Concordia College, I did and attended multiple presentations for my class. However, this semester in practically, it was the first time I would present for my business class and the first time I went to business meeting. Nevertheless, presentations have never been easy for me in particularly. First because I have to present in a foreign language, and second because I always feel nervous talking to people. In this chapter, we…show more content…
Audience rapport is the relation that the speaker has with the audience such as body language, eye contact. In order to deliver a good presentation audience rapport is key. Then, Visual aid is also an important key point in this chapter because not only it helps the speaker but it also helps the audience. Visual aids get the audience interested and involved. The texted book says “Tell me, I forget. Show me, I remember. Involve me, I understand.” The main goal of presenting is to make listeners understand. Finally, delivery is one of indispensable element in a good presentation. A good delivery of the presentation is essential. Speaking loud and clear with good pace is also key in a good presentation because the audience must listen and understand every single word the speaker says. The volume and the clarity of the message is essential in a presentation but also pauses. Pauses are powerful in presentation. They can be used for effect to highlight the preceding statement or to gain attention before an important message. Pauses mean silence for a few…show more content…
As a business student, I know for a fact that I will need to do presentation in the future. As business student, communicating is crucial. Presenting is a skill that is extremely important in a business career. Presentation is an exercise that help me boast my confident, the way I talk and act in front of people. In my future business career, this chapter basically taught me how to present my message in an interesting way, shaping my presentation, using visual aids effectively and building a rapport with an audience. As I learned this semester that nervosity is normal. Everybody is nervous before something important, so I have all reason to be nervous before an important presentation. However, too much nervosity is not good but with a good preparation and practice it usually passed. Furthermore, I learned throughout this chapter that presenting information clearly and effectively is a key skill to get your message or opinion across and today, presentation skills are mandatory in almost every field. I also learned throughout this chapter that presetting skills are learned just like any other skills, with practice and determination it gets better. I also learned how to make better eye contact with the audience. Another thing that I learned that writing out basic notes and key words help a

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