Reflection About Race In Popular Culture

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This reflection is about race in popular culture and sports. Im going to reflect on how race is still prominent in America, and how we can take a better stand to inform people about other culture, not to judge them on preconceived ideas about people’s gender, race, or where they come from. In the first clip with Misty Copeland, who is an American ballerina. Was her dancing, while in the background was a child reading her denied paper from an academy when she was thirteen. They said how she didn’t have the right body for ballet cause of her feet, torso, and other features “Wrong body for ballet, and at 13 too old to be consider.” (clip#1). The intended audience was for everyone, and the intent was to challenge the idea of that anyone can become anything. Just because one person says you can’t, doesn’t make it true. I thought this was an effective message for viewers.
The second clip talks about how Misty overcame the odds in her ballet career, and faced some diversity in the company. The message is delivery by Misty and the interviewer. It’s an effective message by Misty because she explains how she made it the business by overcoming the difficulties. She felt alone because she was the only African American in the
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She is effective in delivering the message because she talks about how she became a professional dancer even those she didn’t have the right body type that was known in ballet, also being a person of color. The intent in the clip was to inform the viewer that Misty wanted to change the classical ballet and was very hard for her, because she was the only black women out of eighty dancers, and being judge because of her body type. She said “It hit me at once, moving to New York, being the only African American women in a company of 80 dancers. I felt like I was sinking for a while.” (Clip 3) This message was successfully
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