Reflection About Religion

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Religion has always been a double-edged sword: one side destroys you while the other releases you. As much as it created a purpose for our existence, it engulfed us in a bubble of fanaticism. Religious convictions can be not only life affirming but also life denying. I believe that this differs according to each individual 's background, upbringing, and beliefs. Indeed, the same religion might have a life affirming influence on one individual but a life denying influence on another one. More interestingly, religion might have these two opposing influences on the same person at different stages of his life. This variation stems from our personality traits, i.e. whether we tend to be more optimistic or pessimistic, our educational background, and our life role models. Ultimately, religion might end up serving whatever fits each person 's expectations. For the optimistic who has been raised in a caring family that teaches the importance of religion, faith will encompass the meaning of existence and the will to survive. However, for the pessimistic who has grown up in a neighborhood where religious minorities are persecuted, faith is just a burden that might limit life. Therefore, our experiences and expectations shape the influence of religion on us.
Being part of a conservative Christian family, I have always witnessed religion as an imperative player in the process of sickness and death. In this context, religion represents a secure anchorage where the sick feel protected.
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