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Growing up in a Christian household I was exposed to the concept of God and religion at a very young age. Due to this you can say that religion has influenced a lot on the way I think and the opinions I may have. Not until the age of 15 was I ever very involved in my local church. I personally decided to have a mentor. This person is supposed to be your spiritual guidance, the person you can always count on to be there for you no matter what time or day. Her name was Ligia. Ligia was the person I always went to in time of need. In my eyes, she was my hero, my second mother, my best friend, the one person I could depend on for anything and everything until a situation happened and I realized that this whole image that I had of her was completely false. That I only thought of her as my hero because of what I grew up hearing in church and that the reality of everything was that she was barely even a friend. The church I went to wasn’t a very typical Christian church. It was huge and everyone took it extremely seriously. There was this power pyramid where you have the Apostle at the top and after you had the elder, ministers, deacons, mentors, house of peace leaders and disciples. Most of those who were really serving a lot at the church were usually because they eventually wanted to get a job within the church. Especially because you could make a lot of money doing something so many people did for free. You were treated like royalty just for holding a role within the church.

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