Reflection About Selflessness

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I have always wanted to be as selfless as possible. After all, you only get one life and once it is over, what will people remember you by on a semi-personal level? Of course, you could have been the doctor, the lawyer, or somebody who had to be altruistic as a routine, but for the common man, it is the acts you pursued that other people will appreciate. Death daunts us, but what lessens the fear, or at least helps you think less of it, in my opinion, is knowing what you have done for others and the happiness you have given them to enrichen their lives. Now, these actions make us, or at least for me, feel great. However, this is not only for my own satisfaction. Like I stated before, you only live once, and I am a young boy who wants the best for people, especially those much older than I. Satisfaction is just a side effect of what is a selfless act. I, personally, wouldn 't consider being selfless, selfish. A fantastic example of this is in the award-winning film, UP, an animated movie created by Pixar Studios. This heartwarming experience is filled with drama, themes of acceptance, love, and having fun.
Towards the end of the film, a man named Carl Frederickson saves an exotic bird and creates a reserve for a defeated enemy of his ' dogs. He also gains new companions whom mean so much to him. In the beginning of the film he was a grumpy, cold, isolated old man who could not find any happiness in his life after his beloved wife passed away. He had nothing to appreciate
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