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Sleep is an important part of one’s daily routine. It is essential for a healthy life style, and could even be considered to be as important as food, water, sex. If one is deprived of sleep there are many health risks, imbalances, and disturbances within the body that effect one’s physical and emotional well being. Even though Understanding Motivation and Emotion doesn 't touch upon the importance of sleep, there is a lot of recent research on the topic. For example the brain structures involved with sleep, how sleep is a psychological need, and the motivators one has to attain sleep. My goal for this class is to get more than 7 hours of sleep per night. To attain my goal I have used Understanding Motivation and Emotion and the information provided in Chapters 3 to 5. There are several structures within the brain that involve sleep. However, there are three in specific…show more content…
So, after reading about extrinsic motivation in Chapter 5, I thought about what motivates me to attain this goal. These motivators were I’m less prone to illness, I’m more awake, and I perform better academically and physically. All of these extrinsic motivators were great but I just needed something more instant and attainable that I could receive every week. Then I decided implement an incentive at the end of the week to push me toward attaining my goal. An incentive is an environmental event that attracts or repels a person towards or away from initiating a particular course of action. My incentive was a chocolate candy bar on Saturday, if I got more than 7 hours of sleep everyday throughout the week. This was an attractive consequence that I knew was forthcoming at the end of the week. The candy bar was an environmental stimulus that, when presented, increased the future probability of the desired behavior. So, the candy bar shaped my goal directed behavior because positive incentives cue approach

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